Stourport Boat Club Works Fours Rowing Challenge is the annual event where local pubs, clubs, offices, schools and factory teams compete in the region's biggest community rowing event. For beginners (or thereabouts!) to the sport of rowing our Works Fours Regatta is a great day of fun & frolics!

Teams of 4 compete against each other to win their division (Mens, Womens & Mixed) and the overall cup! The race is held on the River Severn in Stourport from The Angel public house to the clubhouse which is approx 400m upstream.

If unfortunately due to the river levels being too high and we have to postpone this event, we have pencilled in an alternative date of 21st July 2018.


Scroll down for rules of entry.


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1. All competitors must be competent swimmers and take part entirely at their own risk, We recommend that if you have any underlying health issues you check with your doctor before entering.

2. No competitor may have ever won an Open Rowing Event (including winning previous Works Fours events), currently be a rowing member of a rowing club, or be experienced in rowing to the extent that their participation is detrimental to the spirit of the event.

3. All decisions made by the Organising Committee shall be final.

4. No competitor may be included in more than one crew, unless under special circumstances such as illness on the regatta day, in which case only a competitor who has already been eliminated may be allowed to substitute.

5. The competition will take place on a 'Round-Robin'basis over a course of approx. 400 metres.

6. Categoriesoffered are All Women, All Men and Mixed, though these may be refined at the discretion of the organisers according to the entries received. A division will also run for all losers of their first race which effectively guarantees* each crew at least two races. * Excepting late withdrawals.

7. Minimum age for competitors is 16 or over.

8. One pint tankards will be presented to each crew member of the winners of each division.

9. The winners of each categorywill race-off for the overall Works Fours Trophy.

10. In the final race-off a ladies’ crew will receive a two boat length advantage on the start over a men’s crew.

11. During all heats, a mixed crew consisting of 2 men and two ladies will receive a one boat length advantage on the start over a men’s crew.

12. In the event of a dead heat, the crews may be asked to return to the start immediately for a re-row.

13. Crews must be ready to boat 20 minutes before the appointed race time and must report to the boating marshals when called.

14. Coxwains will be provided by Stourport Boat Club.

15. Each crew will be allowed a maximum of 5 practice outings.

16. In the event of flooding or other event outside of the control of SBC, we reserve the right to change the event date. Entry fees are not refundable. Entry fee is £60.00 per crew (or £20.00 for teams of school age).

17. All crews must arrange at least one practice before race day.