Unbroken Record at LLandaff !!


Racing on the River Taff over 1000m, Stourport BC maintained an historical unbeaten club record at Llandaff Regatta last weekend, by winning in the Octuple 8x+ event. Also continuing a superb season, Don Taylor and Stu Barnett romped through the heats to win in the MasE.2x final.

This year, LLandaff Regatta chose to run with the new British Rowing point system which generated a lot of (not-so-good) debate amongst our coaching team !!



MasE.2x Stu Barnett, Don Taylor
WJ14 8x+ Molly Clarke, Eleanor Jones, Lizzie Davis, Lois Coen, Annabelle Murphy, Sophie DiMambro, Christina Butcher, Hattie Murphy, Cox Julia Miller
WJ14 4x+ Annabelle Murphy, Lizzie Davis, Eleanor Jones, Hattie Murphy, Cox Julia Miller