Members of Stourport Boat Club & Ironbridge Rowing Club completed the Great Canoe Challenge on the 29th September 2018. The crews from SBC set off to Ironbridge RC at 7am to be welcomed with bacon sandwiches, porridge, tea & coffee.
The canoe amada then launched at 9am ready to take on the day. A mission to collect as much plastic and rubbish from the river as they could was undertaken on top of the the long distance challenge to prevent trash reaching the sea. There were then well deserved rest breaks at Bridgnorth, Hampton Load, Areley, Bewdley, where the crews took some time to eat, drink and take a break from their hard work. Once all the crews made it back to Stourport BC, everyone looked forward to a warm dinner of Chilli & Jacket Potatoes, a few drinks and socialising!
Later in the evening, SBC Captain Paul Danby declared that 8.7kg of plastic was collected between the crews – the IRC crew of Sarah, Catherine and Gill picked up the most meaning that they later on earned the great Water Womble award!
Here’s the day in stats:
54 canoeist. 10 Ironbridge and 44 SBC
24 canoes
2 capsized (<10%)
Average stroke rate of 50, 6 hours paddling, around 18,000 strokes.
Over 500kCals burned per hour, 3000kCals in the day.

Chilli used 8kg of ground beef, 40 Onions, 40 peppers and 24 whole chillies!

Ironbrideg RC & Stourport BC also came together for a morning row on the Sunday morning. A men’s 8 and a ladies 8 made the social row at 8:30 followed by a well-earned breakfast!