River Levels at Stourport

Bewdley is the nearest river level station to Stourport Boat Club. The data displayed is recorded at 15 minute intervals by the Environment Agency and sent to the website typically twice per day. On some occasions, especially during flooding, when data is retrieved more frequently, the website will be updated more often.

  • Where the current level is shown at 2.7m or more, it would indicate that river levels at Stourport Boat Club are on the RED safety post marker, where rowing is not permissible.
  • At 2.69m to 1.30m, the river level is on the AMBER mark and above the landing stage making boating a significant challenge.
  • Levels at 1.30m are on the GREEN marker, but still 150mm above the landing stage.  Wellies are required and boating continues to be challenging.
  • River levels at 1.10m or less are considered normal rowing conditions, where the river is below the landing stage.

In all cases, Members and competitors should check with the Safety Officer if in doubt.

You can follow the recent river level trend at Bewdley station on twitter. Click the link below the graph.