*17/05/21 – Course is now full*

Would you like to join Stourport Boat Club’s adult rowing course and enjoy the benefits of exercise in the fresh air on the beautiful River Severn?

Course costs Learn 2 Row £160 (only £13/ session) or Learn 2 Cox £60

First session is free

Includes Club T- Shirt and Learn to row guide.

Introductory evening Friday 21st May 18.30 

The learn to row course will be based on 12 introductory sessions looking at the fundamentals of Rowing.  After the course you will be able to become a member of the club! It is likely to take a further six months of development to become a skilful rower.

Our coaching team endeavour to make your training both instructive, fun and engaging with the help and support of members of the club. Recreational boats will be used which are more stable and are designed to ensure that you learn the correct rowing technique.

The outcomes of the Learn to Row are: • A working knowledge of the sport, both on the water and off • An understanding of safe rowing practices • An understanding of the basic rowing technique • The ability to row and or scull with others • Knowledge of Stourport Boat Club • Progression to a rowing squad and club membership • A great time and lots of fun

Who are we looking to recruit? People who like to be in the fresh air with a willingness to learn. People who have rowers in the family as they understand the love of the sport. People who have time during the day or weekends who want to learn a new skill.

Coxes we are looking to recruit: As long as you can sit in the seat you are in! Attitude and personality are most important, sorry, but timid does not make it. People with confidence to command a group of adults and a willingness to learn makes you perfect. The crew need to feel safe in the boat knowing you will be in control of steering the boat! Training will be given with this. The cox is the person a rowing crew rely on when racing. Here is a fantastic example of coxing https://youtu.be/IODivDoXZRI

When do Stourport Boat Club plan to run new adult courses?

Introductory evening Friday 21st May 18.30 with a 1 minute ergo challenge. Take a look around the club. The bar will be open to help you meet people you are going to learn with.

Group 1 (Saturdays and Sundays at 10.30am)     Starts 22nd May

Group 2 (Saturdays and Sundays at 12.00pm)     Starts 22nd May

Group 3  (Wednesdays and Fridays at 9.30 am)   Starts 26th May

Group 4  (Wednesdays and Fridays at 6.30 pm)    Starts 26th May

To register and pay for your chosen dates please use the link below and select either “Learn 2 Row May 2021” or “Learn 2 Cox May 2021”