We encourage new members to join the club as an introductory member. You will then be enrolled onto a beginner’s course. At the end of the beginner’s course, if you decide to join the club as a full member, you will be given the choice of following a recreational or competitive rowing route.  There are no subscriptions or fees to pay as a beginner.

We welcome people of all ages and abilities who are interested in taking up rowing as a competitive or recreational sport, and of course, simply social or gym members of the Club.  There is a specific page for our Junior Squad here.

Rowing is the ultimate sport for teams and individuals, requiring a combination of strength, power, endurance, skill, precision and commitment. The basic movements can be grasped in a few weeks – perfecting those movements takes a lifetime.

If you have rowed before, or if you would like to learn a superb all-round sport that is fun, challenging, sociable and rewarding please contact the club captain to arrange a visit.

Before signing up for an introductory membership, you must:

  • certify or demonstrate that you can swim 100 metres (four lengths of a typical swimming pool) wearing light clothes
  • make the club aware of any medical conditions that we need to know about