A Flying Start For The Spitfire!

Stourport’s brand new racing boat, Spitfire, took off at Evesham Regatta last weekend with a win for the Junior Squad in the WJ14 2x event with Lizzy Davis and Eleanor Jones. The boat was recently named to co-inside with the Royal Air Force centenary celebrations.

Over a successful weekend, Stourport came away with a string of nine wins in total. There were several notable performances, including a strong row in the Open double sculls event, where Sam Fuller and Matt Gould raced to a win against Upton after giving J18 Great Britain national hopefuls from Pangbourne College Boat Club a scare the previous day in a close race.

Former England rower Jane Ryman’s successful weekend was secured with her third win in the W.MasD/E.1x event, beating strong opposition from Trentham Boat Club by three lengths.



WJ14 4x+ Lizzy Davis, Beth Taylor, Annie Cohen, Eleanor Jones (c) Hattie Murphy
WMasD/E.4x Liz Danby, Jane Ryman, Margaret Conway, Sara Peace
WMasD 2x Jane Ryman,
WJ14 2x Lizzy Davis, Eleanor Jones
MasE/F.1x Duncan Gwilliam


Op 2x Matt Gould, Sam Fuller
W.MasD.4x- Liz Danby, Jane Ryman, Margaret Conway, Sara Peace
W.J15.4x+ Belle Murphy, Ruby Courtney, Sophie DiMambro, Chrissie Butcher, (c) Hattie Murphy
MasE/F.1x Duncan Gwilliam
W.J15.2x Sophie DiMambro, Chrissie Butcher
W.MasD/E.1x Jane Ryman

Photo credits to Terry Livesey.