12 Wins at Ironbridge !


It was a good weekend for Stourport at the Ironbridge Regatta & Sprint, coming away with 12 wins.

To round off a good performance set, four of the W.IM3.8+ ladies won their Novices....well done to Ann Parker, Carole White, Lesley Gould and Helen Carter !

Event wins:

MasB.4+ Chris Bird, Richard Collins, Kevin Stack , Jeremy Stubbs, Cox Dan Rowley
MasD.2x Pete Spencer, Tim Haywood
MasE.2x Stu Barnet, Don Taylor
W.MasD.4x- Jane Ryman, Margaret Conway, Liz Danby, Sara Peace
J14 1x Dan Glover

IM2.2- Chris Bird, Jeremy Stubbs
WJ14 1x Molly Clarke
W.J14A.4x+ Annabelle Murphy, Sophie DiMambro, Katie Mellors, Hattie Murphy, Cox Christina Butcher
W.MasC.4+ Jo Fuller, Hatty Betson, Sharon Lashford and Alison Edwards coxed by Helen Popescu
J14 1x Dan Glover
W.IM3.8+ Ann Parker, Roxy Rea, Lyn Gavin, Jo Fuller, Carole White, Lesley Gould, Olga Hall, Helen Carter, cox Katie Moriaty
WJ14 2x Sophie DiMambro, Christina Butcher